Hemp Infused CBD Coffee




Hemp Infused CBD Coffee – 1000MG Classic Roast Ground Coffee

Start your day calm yet alert, with K&T’ s CBD EMPORIUM Classic Roast Coffee Grounds. This 12 oz. Medium Coffee has been infused with 1000mg of Premium Grade Organic Hemp, from Mountain Town Farmers, in California. Some of our customers say it helps sharpen their focus, reduces inflammation and some anxiety.


– This ready to go Hemp Coffee is super easy to make,simply measure out a generous 2 tablespoon of our coffee for every 6 ounces of water right into a disposable filter and within minutes you’ll have a hot, satisfying cup steaming with the seductive, aromatic scent of K&T’ s CBD EMPORIUM Hemp Coffee.  Add Almond Milk and Natural Sweaters or appreciate this roast as is. No matter how you like your cup of coffee Quiet Monks Ready to Go Hemp Coffee Grounds will keep you going all day long without the Hemp nutty Flavor.


– Step 1: Start with Hemp Infused CBD Coffee from K&T’s CBD EMPORIUM!

– Step 2:Use fresh, cold water. Avoid using distilled or soft water. A chilled, pure spring water will enhance the flavor of the coffee during the brewing process.

– Step 3: Use the correct amount of coffee for you.

– Step 4: Use 2 level tablespoons of hemp seed infused coffee into your disposable coffee filter per 6 oz. of water/almond milk or adjust the tablespoons according to your preference.

– Step 5: Brew CBD Coffee in a Coffee maker and enjoy hot or cold, day or night!


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